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Personal Injury


It is important to remember that all Personal Injury cases  including Auto Accidents have time sensitive deadlines which must be adhered to.  Cases involving municipalities and government agencies must be provided proper notice of accidents and injuries.  Therefore, it is important to chose an attorney who understands the nature of a given case as well as adheres to the time sensitive notice requirements under the law. 

At the Siguenza Law Offices special care is taking to quickly and efficiently analyze your case and begin the investigatory process which includes the collection of accident reports, enlisting the services of experts on the particular subject matter and the adherence to time sensitive deadlines. 

Auto Accidents

Automobile Accidents are devastating for those injured and difficulty for friends and family who have been affected by injuries caused by others during an accident.  Time is of the essence as it pertains to auto accidents as information must be obtained in an efficient manner.  Many times claims must be filed with insurance companies and notices must be provided as required by law.   An experienced attorney at the Siguenza Law Offices will help guide you and your loved ones during these difficult times.

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